Tickling Tastes

Impulsed by his childhood idea of seeing ice cream trucks on the television, Bharath Jaiyanth started The Tickle Truck with his friends, Jesvin Prabhu and Shanmuga Pandian.

First of its kind in the city, Barath’s ice cream truck has transmogrified the flavors of ice cream, incorporating new and atypical Indian flavors into their product such as carrot halwa, palkova, saffron, etc.

Economical yet exotic flavors of ice creams  attract masses from all over the city to this tiny truck, parked in Besant Nagar, that sell innovative savories.

“Most joints have a seating and air conditioning facilities. We don’t seek to have these facilities as they are an added cost and this way ice cream is more affordable for the masses.”, Bharath acknowledged.

As an ice cream food truck they don’t have competition and so they are looking to expand their business in the form of franchise.

A child artist turned entrepreneur, Bharath expects to go back to media after their business is settled.

Must try tastes among ice cream is “Therati Paal” and “Lichi Saffron” and the flavor of “Mojito” and “More Boondhi” popsicle.

Menu range starts at a price range of INR 30.