The White King

An edge-of-the-seat thriller, Vella Raja is a first of it’s kind web series in the Tamil entertainment industry so far.

Narrating the life story of Deva (Bobby Simha), a small time cocaine dealer and his rise to power, Vella Raja is a story of how people bunked in a lodge land in trouble because of the rowdy badass resident and his tussle with the police.

Bobby Simha adeptly portrays the role of Deva and the rest of the cast proficiently highlights the same. Everytime we feel the story getting a little draggy, it picks up pace and artfully triggers excitements through suspenses in the minds of the audience.

This is the first web series directed by Guhan Senniappan. It has been produced by S. R. Prabhu under the production banner ‘Dream Warrior Pictures’.

The first Tamil web series that has been dubbed in Hindi and Telugu, Vella Raja is one of the three simultaneous Indian signings of Amazon Prime, the other two being Breathe and Gangstars.

Breathe, a Hindi web series starring Madhavan in the lead role, was dubbed in Tamil and Telugu and Gangstars, a Telugu web series, was dubbed in Hindi and Tamil. Owing to the success of these three Indian web series made available by Amazon Prime Exclusive, Mirzapur has been signed and released.