Teaser: Prabhu Dev’s Upcoming Flick “DEVI 2” Teaser Release!!!

After a tremendous hit film “DEVI” at 2016, A.L.Vijay had directed with the same cast and crew again for the Part II version of the previous film. The shoot is finished and Vijay had released its Teaser today to taunt the Audience. He did not even worry much to change its name and since it’s a sequel of the same Movie, he just had titled it “DEVI 2”.  This flick is starred by Prabhudeva, Tamannah, Nanditha, Kovai Sarala, RJ.Balaji, Sathish, Yogibabu, Guru Somasundaram,Nassar, Sonu Sood – the same existing crew with a few additions.

This film is said to be on release by April 12th. Best Wishes A.L.Vijay and Team!!!