Sathru: Movie Review And Trailer!!!

After the Over-whelming response got from people in his previous film “PARIYERUM PERUMAL” Kathir seem to have decided to go for a commercial film and indeed he had rocked in this too. Kathir playing the Hero is a very young and active Sub-Inspector in this movie. Despite warning from his superiors, the hero never hesistates to show his muscle power against gundas and goons. Meanwhile, Kathir’s friends come to Chennai from Madurai. He is unaware that his friends are a gang, which kidnaps children and earn by threatening parents. They come with an assignment and successfully kidnap a jewellery shop owners kid and threaten him for money. Unfortnately for them, Kathir takes the money, kills one of his friends in order to save the child. Since, Kathir did an encounter without the higher officials permission, He gets suspended for three months. On the other side, the other friends who want to take revenge on Kathir for killing their friend and partner, decides to target Kathirs family. How Kathir saves his family from them and what happens to the others, is portrayed in a real fast pace. Even with many young actors, the Director Naveen Nanjundan takes the risk of avoiding comedy track, which gives a more thriller like experience to the audience.

Mahesh Muthuswami had done a excellent work in Cinematography and so as the Music director Amresh. Just imagine seeing a thriller without Music!!! This gives the audience an enthralling experience and Kudos to “SATHRU” team.