Peranbu – A movie to be in love with

There are different categories into which movies are classified. There are different criteria on which the classifications are made. But, there are a very few movies that stand distinctly on the nature of the message it tries to convey.

There are different tones to the first and second part of the movie. You are made to travel into the story with the characters to empathize their journey, which scintillates the feel of the movie.

Peranbu is no melodrama; it is a movie that stirs our emotional state to understand the realities that are overlooked for a very long time in our society.

Director Ram has exceptionally handled the depth of each character with no excess realism or artificial element. The story travels throughout over the grey plane.

Different taboo’s that cannot be scripted are beautifully choreographed by the director and delivered by the artists and other technicians.

Mamooty, the recipient of three national film awards, exhibits his excellence through acting.

Sadhana, playing a spastic child, has undergone tremendous toil in bringing life to her character.