GV Prakash has recently adopted the practice of scouting around unparalleled scripts. In his new trailer, he plays an ardent percussionist who is passionate about music and the movie gyrates around the hassles that he goes through in order to trail his success. To pamper the storyline, he has taken up percussion lessons and gained expertise.

The primacy of the film is that the script is emanated from Rajiv Menon, the author who made a clean swipe with his feature films like Minsara Kanavu and Kandu Kondain Kandu Kondain.

Maestro hits the note for the film as the title unravels rightly into “Everything is filled with Rhythm”.

Being launched over mid-2016, due to the production failure the project was assumed to be dropped. After resolving the issues that were involved in the pre-production, they have kick-started the project with Jio productions and the trailer went on air officially.