Maturing from a child artist to a full-fledged actor, Mahendran talked to GT about his connection with cinema so far and henceforth.

“Master is the prefix I got as a child artist due to my age. I’d rather people know me as Mahendran even if it takes a few more years for me to get recognized that way,” Mahendran articulated.

An avid fan of Kollywood Cinema, Mahendran admittedly doesn’t have a favorite star in the Tamil film industry. Rather, he adores  Mahesh Babu, whose films he cherishes with great enthusiasm.

About selecting scripts, he said that he doesn’t set boundaries on scripts and listens to them all. Mahendran wants to do more of the boy-next-door roles and is looking forward to doing a “Chennai Paiyan” kind of scripts like Dhanush and Vijay Sethupathi.

Chatting about his upcoming movies, he divulges that his next movie would be Rangaraatinam. This movie featuring Mahendran and Shilpa Manjunath is directed by Sundaram and produced under the banner of Gayathri pictures by G Ramasamy. Apart from that, he said that he was looking forward to the following movie Namma Oorukku Enna Dhan Aachu which has been directed by NAL.Senthil Kumar and co-stars actress Sowmya as the female lead. Touted to be a science fiction horror film, Mahendran promises it to be a new story experience in Kollywood.

The former is releasing this month and the latter is reportedly in the mixing stages and can be expected to be released in January 2019.

Even with 138 films to his name, Mahendran still feels that his success lies in his fans’ view of him.