Derma and Model Stuti on Balance Between Medicine and Modelling!!!


Dr Stuti Khare Shukla

MBBS, MD (Dermatology)

Consultant Dermatologist TRN Medical Centre

Dr Stuti Khare Shukla’s Skin, Hair & Body Contouring Centre, Mumbai (India)

Fellowship in Dermatosurgery, Aesthetic Dermatology (Mumbai)

Advance Training in Skin Health Care (Los Angeles & Nashville USA)

Fellowship in Cosmetic Dermatology (National Skin Centre, Singapore)

Fellowship in Aesthetics Dermatology, Lasers & Dermatosurgery (Mahidol University, Bangkok)

Recipient of Youngest Dermatologist of India Award, India Affairs Group, 2017

International Speaker, IMCAS (Paris, Bangkok, Barcelona 5CC)


  • Who is your inspiration in life to balance both modelling and medicine?

I always believe in doing something different & leaving footprints. So, the inspiration was pretty much derived from within my inner self.

I belong to a family of engineers & professors. I got married in the family of all doctors. So, we have all nerdy folks at our home. But I believe glamour does add the extra charm & colours to life. Back in my MBBS internship days, I started modelling. It was a very difficult balance as both of it required utmost dedication & sincere commitment. But it’s in my nature to break the stereotypes, overcome the shell & to step forward to attain the unconventional.


  • Did you aspire to become a dermatologist only after pursuing modelling, or was it your core ambition from the beginning??

Yes, it’s true that I only thought to become a dermatologist after pursuing modelling. In initial years, when I took Medical, I always wanted to go into hardcore emergency branches like medicine/surgery. But then I realized, how equally important is to address cosmetic concerns & how much positivity it brings back to life when physical appearance improves. I have put in a lot of efforts in taking this specialty many steps forward. I have contributed a lot in researches & have published & demonstrated a lot many innovative methods/procedures to multiple doctors in India & Overseas on how to improve the skin/aesthetic appearance, which they religiously follow in their practices. Dermatology as a branch has given me an immense opportunity to increase the glamour quotient of many women across the nation & overseas & also to boost their confidence level altogether.


  • How challenging is it for you to juggle between your work and career? How do you manage to keep it all in place without bridging a gap?

I got married very early while I was still doing my internship of MBBS & within a year of my marriage, I also had a son, while I was in first year of my post-graduation. It was something which was beyond insight of any medical student to manage kid, medical studies, fitness everything together in the hardest days of Specialization as a doctor. But the toughest days of life teach you the best lessons & fortunately I managed everything very gracefully. Not only, I was a very performing student. I also won the national award of being the youngest dermatologist of India 2017, India Affairs. I then realized that I am great at multitasking. My mantra is to focus & dedicate my cent percent to whatever work I am doing at that particular moment. Besides, I am very optimistic & cheerful towards life. I prefer to invest my energy only in positive vibes. So, it actually eases the juggle between medical, glamour, fitness, social service, blogging, motherhood.

  • How supportive is your family towards your career? What would you like to tell the womankind out there who are struggling to keep both their career and family on par with each other?

My parents are engineer & professor. Both my in-laws are doctors. My husband is also a gold medalist Doctor (Radiologist). So all women in our family are highly qualified working women who have been excelling very well in their respective professions. My family knows the importance of being the best in career & it’s indeed a blessing they are equally supportive. I keep very busy & I travel overseas frequently for delivering my talks/medical skills/researches/representing India at various conferences etc. In my absence my husband manages my 4 year old kid very well respects my work it as much as I do. All women are equally great at multi -tasking & administration, just need some determination & intense confidence to streamline the possibilities into opportunities & to to materialize the impossible into reality.

  • What is your “go-to-motto” every time you are confronted with a problem?

I believe in myself, Almighty & Destiny. I always believe in giving my best in everything. Also, I feel that the worst problems/ experiences teach us the best lessons.  I have turned out to be stronger, wiser & smarter everytime I confronted a problem. So, the go-to-motto is to deal problems with preservance, determination & wisdom.

  • A renowned dermatologist or a supermodel? How do you want to be recognized by others?

This is a difficult one. I would rather be liked to recognized as a supermodel with super-duper dermatology skills. Both are glamour related fields & I am passionate about glamour.


  • In a world where women are undermined for the choices they make in life, how do you push on without letting stereotypes affect you? 

It is indeed a very good question. Despite how modern the society proclaims itself to be, how much ever progress we women do, the bitter fact remains that our society is over demanding & too judgmental as far as women are concerned. Women these days are expected to manage professional lives & be as proficient as their male counterpart’s irrespective periods, pregnancy and childbirth. Despite all these, they are expected to look the sexiest version of themselves & of course they have to prove themselves to be great mothers, wives, daughter in laws. The list goes endless.

To break the stereotypes, nothing herculean is required, really. We women should learn to be answerable to only ourselves & not to anyone in this world. We don’t need to prove our worth to anyone but to ourselves. To succeed it requires we women need some strong determination, guts & undying positive attitude. Just endorse your inner strength, embrace all your flaws & solidity equally. And that’s how we can break sterotypes, celebrate & rock womanhood.


  • As a dermatologist, what is your treatment approach to women of different & what advise you would want to give them?

All women should take care of themselves very well. Beauty is a God gift & it should be taken good care of. In today’s world beauty & being presentable has become a necessity. It’s indeed great to be the best version of ourselves irrespective of age, childbirth & profession. But nowadays, there are so many marketing gimmicks, non-professional, non-degree holders self- proclaimed skin specialists in the market, that general public should beware of. Very often, we dermatologists see patients falling prey into these non-qualified marketing gimmicks & coming to us only after getting adverse effects from these treatments.

Having treated women from all walks of life, from celebrities to entrepreneur to medical professionals to housewives & having done my masters in dermatology, and thereafter doing super- specialization fellowships in USA & in the most renowned institutions for skin, hair & cosmetic treatments overseas, I have a lot of experience & expertise in all the recent treatments ranging from skin, hair, body contouring & anti- aging treatments. I have clients who are teenagers struggling with PCOD, pimples to young ladies who are in post-partum phase, and are struggling with hair loss, giggly wiggly fat to the aging beauties.  I try to address problems of each women differently & devote considerable amount of time in listening to them, planning their treatments & executing their procedures. Also, I treat them holistically improving their lifestyle, nutrition & also their attitude because happiness from inside is also reflected outside adding to beauty!!!