The world is not only for humans,

Techno-expertise is not only for La-La Land.

Shankar’s Science hence proved!

Technology and nature were misinterpreted all along to be foes. Surprisingly, they are two independent realities that can co-exist when approached even-handed. Any infecting disproportion caused to the units of such system is plainly steering us to grave aftermaths when continually disregarded.

As the film rightly interrogates our conscience,

how many of us have lately attempted to more than care, but to actually preserve the greater good of other vital forces existing?

Not lately.

So? What happens then?

Holding up to the butterfly effect, a small change in one system causes significant effects on other non-linear systems. To avoid these hazardous effects is what the movie volunteers to enlighten us with. Thus, there sits a wisdom on each spectator, drew up from an overlooked yet momentous insight pitched from the movie’s vision.


Having charted the ninth-most expensive non-English language film, Lyca production estimates to have expended 543 crores for the making.


Shankar ardently plays with the storyline. The movie unfolds with an oxymoron, a man hangs himself due to the technological advancements and elsewhere Vaseegaran introduces his humanoid. The movie tropically revolves around the aftershocks of us being engulfed by the automation. As we travel along the Pakshi’s blood-curdling revenges to his heart-rendering motive story, we discern the importance of each object in our eco-system. Although, there is a little exaggeration over filming the movie, holding a humor fringe to almost every scene lightens up the atmosphere. The rigorous research that the director has underwent to fulfill his vision; from the scientific explanation of Aura to imposing the importance of ecological balance is remarkable.


Superstar compasses the movie with his presence over four different dynamical ranges: Vaseegaran- an affluent scientist, Chitti- a reliable bot, 2.0- a schema to treat the antagonist with a swag, 3.0 (Kutty)- microbot that enters as a bombshell.

Amy Jackson- an obliging humanoid.

Pakshirajan- As the antagonist of the movie, Akshay kumar has under gone hefty prosthetics to spook us with his look and delivers exactly what is required for the movie.


As the movie escalated our technical proficiency to inter continental magnitudes, we are aware of the handful of technology that was implicated. The movie was shot in native 3D, a device that transforms real life characters into virtual reality

Virtual reality has been used; the modern version of story board- Previsualization is used; advanced prosthetics; 4D sound effects etc..

INTENT: Having vested in with 6 senses, our major spur must be to defend all the life forms that we coexist with but not to disregard them by feeling superlative and deserting factors that affect them and poses fatal threats in the course of their survival. No matter how easier our life has become, with the interference of technology, constructively our growth becomes futile. Thus, let us not consider trading complete void for the technological escalations that we anticipate.