Happy Holi: Ever Wondered Why Festival of Colors is Being Celebrated???

Today is Holi and Team Glamtime is happy to convey our wishes to everyone – “HAPPY HOLI”. This particular festival of colors is celebrated across India and is considered to be the most colorful festival ever celebrated. Well, we praised it, we wished for it – but, do we really know why it is being celebrated??? Normally the powders used is called “GULAL” and Gulal used to be prepared from flowers coming from trees, such as Indian Coral Tree and the Flame of the Forest. The Indian Coral Tree is nothing but a flower tree which is called “Kalyana Murungai” in Tamil and “Parijata” in other languages. Its local name is Tiger’s Claw/Sunshine Tree. Its popular biological name is “Erythrina Variegata”. Flame of the Forest is another kind of flower with similar looks like the Indian Coral, with the Biological name “Butea Monosperma.” Both are rich in properties that could help the skin glow and protect that from skin diseases.

As everyone know, The festival of colors is celebrated just before Summer, which would help the human body and skin survive all the infections that happened on winter and sustain the beauty till the end of summer. This is why Indians started celebrating Holi and it is little pathetic that what we use mostly today are Artificial Colors, bending the very principle of the Festival Itself. Let’s make sure those plants exist and we maintain our beauty by those intimidating colors in Holi every year!!! Once again, let’s celebrate the Festival of Colors in the way it is meant to be – “HAPPY HOLI TO ALL!!!”