A  civil engineer turned restaurateur, Aravind Krishnan is a young entrepreneur who strives to make it big in the food industry

The theme of his restaurant, The Miner Diner, is that of a gold mine because it gives a much different experience that hasn’t been tried before and is appealing to people of all age groups. With a unique ambiance, that of a mine even the food they serve is very different. Not only serving waffle based pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches that appeal to the youth, they also serve traditional variations of the same and many more authentic dishes for people who are reluctant to experiment on food.

Although rebuked by many food lovers in the past, with utmost care, Aravind has worked around all criticism and built a reputable brand that is now a trend. With a new outlet opening for the new year in OMR, the company is still expanding and evolving.

There is ample space for parking and the restaurant is also very roomy. At affordable rates, this restaurant is highly recommended for a great place to hang out at.