Filling up the Varma blanks

Looks like the Tamil remake of Arjun Reddy, titled “Varmaa” has a dash of Bollywood mix to it. Banita Sandhu, who made her debut in “October” alongside Varun Dhawan, is being roped in for the female lead for Varmaa, starring opposite Dhruv Vikram, son of Chiyaan Vikram. The movie which was supposed to be released this month was shelved as the makers of the film found the final output to be unsatisfactory. Meanwhile, the paperwork for the project is currently underway, and the makers of Varmaa are also finalizing the director for the reshoot after director Bala backed out of the project. This also happens to be the first time in the South Indian cinema where a film is being shelved just ahead of its release after being completely shot. The movie buffs are quite amused by this decision by the makers. Looks like it’s a wait until June for us to see the film with a new cast and crew.