Fanning it with Effigies

Startling is the word of Vijay Sethuapthi indeed! Apart from adopting enthralling scripts, his movie promotions are soaring by exhibiting the unprecedented.

First fictional character to have a figurine

The triumphant combo who made an effortless yet a colossal project “Naduvla Konjam Pakatha Kaanaom” has again associated to pull up a monumental premiere titled “Seethakadhi”. Eventually, promotions for such cosmic project are a herculean task. As an effort to stand out, they have devised promotional diversities to win over audiences.

The fictional character of the film – Aathimoolan fondly referred as “Ayya” gets a wax carving amidst the most swarmed places in Chennai, The Express Avenue Mall. The statue stands majestic, designed by the concept artiste and designer Viswanath Sundaram the brainpower behind 2.0 and the Bahubali series.

The veteran director and the character artist of the movie Seethakadhi, Mahendran, presented the statue to the crowd.

The stand tall promotes the idea of first 100 selfies posted with the effigy over the social media to be provided with free movie vouchers for the special premiere show and the statue is kept for public display till 5 January as the movie is set to knock screens on 20 December.

So, what are the selfie fiends waiting for?

It‘s Vijay Sethupathi’s 25th feature film with an unusual storyline and is all prepared to reach out to screens.


Slay, Pout and Shoot!