Colors TV : Sprucing up Prime Time!!! Two New Serials – Thari & Malar!!!

Offering viewers varied entertainment, Colors had launched the two new shows promise intriguing, never seen before story line. Capturing the struggles of handloom industry in Kanchipuram, Thari narrates the story of one girl’s journey towards revival of fading traditional weaving technique and Malar is a romantic-thriller that chronicles the emotions of a girl whose ominous past comes to haunt her as soon as she gets married. Narrated through the eyes of two strong female protagonists, the shows are set to premier on 1st April 2019 – Today, during its prime-timeslot 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM, from Monday to Friday only on COLORS Tamil.

COLORS Tamil is set to showcase the legacy of Kanchipuram – the land of golden threads through its new show Thari. Narrated through the eyes of young Annam (played by Srinithi), the show will take the audience on a journey through the struggles of an ailing weaver family and their battle to revive the fading art of traditional weaving. A true representation of artisans’ life and challenges, Thari is embellished with a strong cast comprising of Sabari, Mu. Ramasamy, Fareena,  Angana and many more.

COLORS Tamil brings to Tamil television screen a captivating new show Malar that showcases conflicting emotions of newlyweds Malar (played by Nayana Shetty) and Kadhir (played by Arun Padmanabhan) as they begin their life on a mysterious note. With Kadhir learning more about his wife every day, the show journeys through Malar’s attempts at protecting herself from being handcuffed by her husband. The compelling tale of mystery and love is backed by a strong cast comprising of Santhosh, Vaishnavi, Geetha and many more.