Breaking Boundaries with Celebrity Fashion Guru Karun Raman

Celebrity fashion icon Karun Raman graces Glam Times with his expert fashion advice and gives us an insight into him as a person and much more.

Inspired by Donatella Versace, a woman who has made it big in the fashion industry through her grit, determination, and hard work, Karun Raman is a consistent player in the Indian fashion fraternity with the same values.

A bold fashionista, Karun Raman faced surmountable odds after running away from home at a very young age. Despite all the hurdles he has faced, a very cheerful, optimistic and smiling Karun credits his mother and upbringing for the very positive person he is today. Yet, when asked about his guilty pleasure, Karun jests “If only I could go back to my ex-boyfriend and give him a tight slap,” jovially.

An admirer of Sabyasachi Mukherji, Karun finds the city of Calcutta the closest to his heart in terms of fashion, very contrary to popular belifs.

Expert fashion advice, Karun feels make up is not just for women and admits to decking himself up on a regular basis. Soon to start a youtube channel on makeup for men, he feels that the best makeup would be a clean look with a well hydrated skin for anyone. Additionaly, for men, he recommends well shaped eyebrows, light highlighter and a clean foundation and for women, he suggests a nice eyeliner, kajal, highlighter and nude lips.

With respect to the to the “Me Too” campaign, though he rebukes the victims for not having reacted when they were objectified still feels relieved that people have gotten bolder to come out to the public. He feels this is much needed but is still incomplete. He calls out to men who have been mistreated as there are still so many men whose stories have been drowned as they belong to the minority of people who have been abused.

The victim of many controversies for his sexual orientation, Karun express his joy for the scrapping of Section 377 of the IPC. He feels that this is a much-needed change for the nation and it has changed the way people look at himself and the community as a whole. “Now  I can openly go out with a man in public. I can kiss whom I want to and I can live life like just any other person,” he asserted.