Boomerang: Movie Review And Trailer!!!

A Very rare combo of Director being the Producer himself, that too for his own flick, we could say R. Kannan really had it in him. Atharva, an emerging young star and also the son of Late veteran actor Murali, is no less a versatile actor than his father himself. Atharva plays the role of a man named Shiva. After sustaining deep fire burns Shiva is brought to a hospital. Shiva could not bear seeing his face, all burnt and is too desperate for a change over. Sakthi is also admitted in the same hospital for some other treatment and dies in there. So, Shiva gets a new face, the one of Sakthi through a Cosmetic Surgery and returns back to his old life. Seeing his beauty, the Heroine Megha Akash falls in love with him. When everything seems to be in place for Shiva, a gang keeps on trying to murder Shiva. Shiva understands very soon, that these attempts are because of his new face and decides to explore some more. He finds out soon enough that Sakthi had previously worked in a big IT firm. The company Lay-Off takes the job out of Sakthi, and his friend’s hands and they decide to go back to their village and do farming.

There raises a water issue and rest of the story revolves around why Sakthi was targetted and how Shiva, posing as Sakthi solves everything. Atharva’s acting is getting posh day by day. The only fact is that the film reminds Vijay’s “KATHTHI” now and then in turn of events. But this indeed is a lovely attempt by R.Kannan and we should really say, he did his part fabulously. Music by Radhan and Cinematography by Prasanna Kumar, a big salute for the crew, for this nice entertainer. Salute!!!