A formal assessment of a movie essentially probes a detailed study of how well it performs over the box office, the continuous response to the movie etc.

Before looking into other aspects and technical specifications of the movie, the core agenda of any movie is to entertain its viewers by narrating the storyline. But, a very few slips out of a blue moon that gives us reality slaps.

While at the first century of the 3rd millennium, which has turned all of us materialistic and contemporary. We have been constantly fostering and advancing over technologies and every other aspect, the thought of discrimination on the grounds of birth despite the practice being abolished by the government afflicts and questions our cultivated skills. The movie is staged back in 2005, which was not an era before. Although these are seldom practiced, even a negligible amount of impurity spoils the nature of the milk. Thus, waking us up to the duty of terminating any such practice in and around us.


Unvarnished, the movie has a synthetic environment, emotions, and story. While, this particular movie lures each one of us to travel along the path of the protagonist. We bear his humiliations, encounter his miseries, weep for his loss and admire his innocence.



If it were not for Neelam productions owned by Pa. ranjith who is known for breaking caste clich├ęs exquisitely, we cannot anticipate elsewhere such scripts from a debutant director to be embraced



Mari Selvaraj has meticulously played with metaphors and designed every character with utmost simplification. When a character pleases audience aesthetically, it is evident that the beauty of the character shines inside out.

An exceptional script, the screenplay can be written but, staging possess the critical part in rationalizing the movie. Thus, they are properly orchestrated and contrived.



Kathir, radiates accomplishment and agony where Anandhi carries her charm throughout and Yogibabu scores with his spontaneous counters and every other character in the movie plunges in the exact essence required. Lastly, the backdrops and the background scores uplift the movie and give us virtual realities.



Audiences have been paying heed for genre-centric movies lately, needless to implement forced elements like romance, action, and comedy. Major clich├ęs have been broken ceaselessly. The hero is not always portrayed smart among other characters. The whole movie is flagged with the supreme message that strikes and delivers the audience up front. There are no breathers in the movie, it straightly opens our emotional senses and imparts the story into hearts. A must watch movie with a lot of deliverables to remain watchful and condemnable to any such practices around us. Change starts within.